Lean is defined as a set of management practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating waste.

The central principle of Lean is to reduce and eliminate activities and waste that do not add value. The key is to emphasize goals like simplicity, flow, and balance.

Elimination of waste is a key factor in the success of creating Lean products and efficient services for our customers.


We have manufacturing and maintenance of metal racks and dollies, being prototypes, mini series or series of any level of complexity for internal or external use by our clients.

We also develop the best quality corrugated plastic and foam, dunnage and textile cell packaging solutions, providing the best safety and functionality.


We generate technology applicable to any industrial sector where repetitive tasks are performed. Thanks to our automated processes, your business can obtain greater profitability.

We offer comprehensive solutions for industrial automation, artificial vision systems, drying and measurement systems, as well as assembly jig manufacturing, PLC programming, conveyor automation and robotics.


We design and develop systems for synchronous deliveries of merchandise and supply of the supply chain. In the storage system, the boxes are moved by a device that runs individually on rails through the aisles of the warehouse, and can move horizontally and vertically to reach the storage cells.

We are capable of developing improvements for proper warehouse management, sub-assembly projects, as well as management and maintenance of packaging fleets.